Dog Grooming Tips For Beginners – Pet Hair Care Products


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This article is the fourth in our series of Dog Grooming Tips For Beginners and this time I will provide you with information about a selection of essential pet hair care products which are frequently used by dog grooming professionals.


These days, cosmetics are incredibly important for personal grooming, and that doesn’t stop at just you, the pet owner. There is now a wide selection of products available for your pets.


Our pets and other animals are beautiful just as they are.

They don’t require make-up or hair colour to make them look unique. They’re attractive already! 


However, when at the groomers, their coats will need gentle hair care products which will improve the sheen of the coat and protect their skin. Some of these products will also make styling easier.


Shampoos were the only product available for pets until not so long ago. Either all-purpose general shampoos or anti-parasitic shampoos were available. Skincare was not taken into consideration, and the product to fight parasites caused many problems due to its low quality.


Today, there are different types of shampoo available: that for hydration, volumising, special ones for puppies, or even dry shampoo.


VIP! Regarding anti-parasitic shampoos, I recommend you only use ones containing natural pyrethrins (natural insecticides). Others have a poisonous impact for both the animal, the environment, as well as yourself.


Vitalising Shampoos




Give excellent sheen and volume to the coat because they usually contain vitamins such as Panthenol (provitamin B5), Biotin and Retinol. Besides, they clean and remove all dirty hair and skin while preserving and improving the condition of each strand.


Hydrating Shampoos


Repair coats which have not been cared for very well, due to various reasons and this shampoo will rehydrate the hair. An excellent hydrating shampoo shouldn’t leave the hair greasy. However, some cheaper products do, so buying a quality hydrating shampoo, even if it’s a bit more expensive, should always be the wiser choice.






In addition to the action carried out by hydrating shampoos, conditioners continue the repair work, repairing broken hairs, improving colour and texture. The final result is a smooth and shiny finish without feeling oily to the touch.


Colour Intensifiers


They do exactly as the name suggests. Excellent for white coats as they minimise any yellow patches and add intensity to greys and blacks. More for use by professional groomers, rather than at home because the application of the product is quite technical. They are not used for washing, nor are they to be applied directly onto the hair, plus other instructions.


Dry Shampoos




A Godsend if you’re in a hurry. Dry shampoos clean exceptionally well and can be used on any coloured coat. Excellent for cats who won’t go near water too. Easy to use. You simply apply the shampoo all over the body following the given instructions, and there is no need to rinse afterwards. All dirt and bad smells will disappear. Easy!




Flash is a conditioner, shiner, antistatic, all in one produced by Artero. It leaves the hair dry, not wet, especially beneficial after spending a few hours with the hairdryer on. Makes brushing easier and can be used every day. Won’t leave the hair greasy either.





Professional groomers spray perfume at the moment of returning the pet to its owner. It shows a touch of good taste and professionalism. It goes without saying that the specially-made fragrance should be balanced in equal parts with alcohol and hydrating properties, depending on the type of coat. It’s no good applying perfume to a coat if it will dehydrate the hair and make it dull.


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Because I’m worth it!


The final result after using some or all of these products is a perfectly shiny or smooth coat with all the style of “Because I’m worth it!” as your pet sees you again when you collect them after their appointment. There are many more products out there on the market. Many help to conquer problems such as sensitive or allergic skin reactions, dehydration of the hair, loss of shine or texture etc.


Dog Grooming Tips For Beginners – Pet Hair Care Products


Needless to say, you cannot use human hair products on a pet as the human skin pH balance is different from that of our furbabies.


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