Automatic Pet Feeders – SureFeed Sealed Food Bowl


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To continue my review of automatic pet feeders (previous review here), today we will look at the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl.


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SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl

So, we had already tried the Petcute which we concluded was a great bowl – it can feed 6 meals over a time period previously selected by the pet owner, however, it was not an exact fit for our daily needs. So next, we wanted to try the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl. It meant that we couldn’t provide more than one or two meals in advance, but it did mean that the food would still be kept free from flies.

The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl comes with one single grey, plastic bowl included and you can buy additional bowls in different colours, including aluminium bowls separately.  We now have the one grey plastic, two aluminium and one pink-divided-into-two bowls.


Training Programme

There is a training programme built into the system and this helped our cat get used to the noise when it opened at different stages. Each level opened over a one week period (you can use fewer days training if you want to) until the lid lowered itself down totally and she was used to standing there patiently while the lid opened. And she didn’t run away. Phew! There is also a manual override button to open and close the lid to give additional training if she needs a little more help. This also aids in making cleaning easier. If you press the button to open the lid, it must be pressed again to close it again and then it returns to its auto-self.

The opening mechanism is operated via 3 motivation sensors – 2 at each side and 1 at the front – which are activated when there is movement nearby, be it your pet or you walking too close to it. Actually, when I need to replace the bowl with new food, instead of using the manual override button, I just wave my hand around it and it opens up sufficient time to take out and replace the bowl before it closes again. When I need more time for cleaning, I will use the manual override button and taken out the lid at the same time.

We bought our’s from Amazon, together with a number of accessories, as already mentioned. I particularly thought that it was essential that she should have a pink bowl as she is my little princess after all. She especially likes this one because this bowl is divided into two halves so sometimes I put wet and dry food in at the same time.  You could even put water in one side although this may become a bit messy if your pet likes to play with the water and may interfere with the electrics so it all depends on each individual’s eating habits. The bowl uses 4xC batteries.


We can sleep!

To date, this bowl has proved very successful. We are very happy. On good nights when she is feeling well, she lets us sleep right through without bothering us. It’s only when she’s ill or doesn’t fancy what’s in the bowl, that she might come and wake us up. We definitely get more sleep with this bowl. And although the lid can be heard from another room when it opens and closes, being a light sleeper anyway, I do like this because I then know that she’s been eating and she is not starving.



  • Once you put down the food, you can leave it until the tray is empty or the food needs replacing
  • Food can be left all day and stays fresh for longer, depending on outside temperatures
  • Secure and durable construction
  • The bowls that sit inside have rubber seals which, when the lid closes, create an air-tight seal over the food
  • Perfect size, not too big
  • The aluminium bowls are dishwasher-safe (not the plastic bowls)
  • Various coloured bowls available.



  • Any pet can open the bowl and get at the food so it’s really only best for one. Maybe ok if they eat the same food but if they are greedy, they might not leave any food for the other one
  • The bowls could be a little deeper if I’m honest. Sometimes the food gets “slurped” upwards and bits land on the underside of the lid. However, this really isn’t a problem because you can take the lid out using the manual override button first so it can easily be cleaned.
  • The “slurping” can also create bits of food on the actual white surround base of the bowl but again, this just needs cleaning regularly. I’ve started folding a piece of kitchen paper in half and placing that underneath the accessory bowl and there’s just about enough sticking out at the sides to catch any fly-away food-age.
  • Needs to be placed in an open area. If it’s placed underneath a table for example, that may interfere with the motion sensors.
  • There is no space underneath the accessory bowl to put any type of ice pack.


And, Action!

Here is a little video of our’s in action. Please note it is speeded up x2.

So, like I said, we are really happy with this solution. We used the training system over a few weeks so she felt comfortable with the noise and each stage of the lid opening. Not once, luckily, did she seem afraid of it. I guess it involved food so she was more curious than scared, however, some pets may need a bit more coaxing. But the training system works well. We are now able to sleep well at night (when she’s well) and if we make sure to place some new food down before we go to bed, it will remain fresh all night for her so no excuses.  This bowl definitely helps us save money too as there is less food wastage. Check out this great bowl on Amazon.


In my next post, I will look at the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder so please check back to read that review too.


Automatic Pet Feeders – SureFeed Sealed Food Bowl


I hope you found this review helpful. Do you use this bowl or can you recommend another one? Thanks for sharing any comments you may have below and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask ?


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