What Are The 5 Animal Freedoms?

What Are The 5 Animal Freedoms?

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What Are The 5 Animal Freedoms? The Five Animal Freedoms relate to how a sentient being ie an animal should be treated by its owner, carer or guardian. The guidelines are determined by Section 9 of The Animal Welfare Act which was amended in 2006. By following these simple rules, it is hoped that all animals might live a healthy and happy life. On the contrary, the human in charge would face prosecution.


Freedom from hunger and thirst

No animal should be without easy access to food – adept to the species – and plenty of fresh water which is renewed frequently. For obvious reasons, the correct nutrition is key.


Cat free to drink water


Freedom from pain, injury and disease

At the earliest sign of illness and pain, an animal should be seen by a veterinarian for diagnosis of the problem. Even an animal which is behaving quietly, behaving differently from the norm, should be seen. All care must be taken with regard to dispensing medication to the animal and the appropriate kindness and attention given during recovery. Pet Insurance (quite reasonable these days!) is available to help cover veterinary expenses.


Welfare of puppy in vet arms


Freedom from fear and distress

No animal deserves to live in an atmosphere where it feels scared. Animals deserve to be happy too. The state of their mental health is just as important as that of humans.



Freedom from discomfort

An appropriate environment should be provided for each animal, depending on their species. Anything which may enrich their home can only be of benefit to their overall health.


Elephant in chains with no freedoms


Freedom to display natural behaviours

A dog must be allowed to bark and run around freely with other dogs. A cat should be able to climb to different heights or hide away when she wants. Cows need room to roam about and eat fresh grass in the field. Birds need freedom to fly….


Bird on cage looking at freedom 

Do your pets / animals have access to The Five Freedoms? What could you do to improve their circumstances?


What Are The 5 Animal Freedoms?


In the unfortunate event that you need to report cruelty to an animal(s), here are some links to help you/them. It´s always a good idea to take lots of photos too.


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